​Ascending Roots - An exhibition of 10 indigenous and urban contemporary artists

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Known for presenting thought provoking and ground breaking exhibits, Anubhav Nath, Director of Ojas Art Gallery is presenting Ascending Roots, an exhibition of indigenous and urban contemporary artists which is conceptualized by Rahul Kumar. This exhibition opens on the 7th September, 2018 will host 70 artworks in various mediums like paintings, lithographs, sculptures, intaglio, drypoint, drawings, water colors, acrylic on canvas and oil on canvas by 10 revered artists  Ashish Kushwaha, Abhishek Verma, Deepak Kumar, Jignesh Panchal, Mahalaxmi, Mayur & Tushar Vayeda, Mayank Shyam, Shahanshah Mittal and Sher Singh Bheel. 


Bringing alive both contemporary folk art and urban contemporary art, the exhibit celebrates young artists handpicked from each of the categories of folk-contemporary and urban-contemporary. The common binding theme lies in the beauty of absence of any theme! The works will represent the most preferred subject by the artists themselves thus giving the spectators an insight into a fresh perspective with each artist. 


The purpose of any art is to express, to tell a story. Contemporary-folk artists create works with the same fundamentals at the core but have adapted to the plethora of modern day material. This has in turn made room for the artworks to move beyond the impermanence of drawn-on-the-walls to an object, a painting on paper or canvas. Art today is multi-dimensional derived from themes that are urban or global phenomenon. In contrast, urban-contemporary art is always a reflection of an individualistic expression. The works take upon the global trends but with a. individualistic take and with varied media and reconditioning techniques.  


"Ascending Roots is an endeavour to celebrate both the art forms under one roof. Young artists have been handpicked from each of the categories of folk-contemporary and urban-contemporary. There is no common theme that binds the works. Rather, the works represent the most preferred subject by the artists themselves.


Speaking about the exhibit, Anubhav Nath, Director of OJAS Art Gallery, says, “ Ascending roots is about exploring the cross pollination of thoughts and emotions, media and techniques, and style and imagery across the two categories. It is an invite for the spectators to ponder if the boundary lines separating the groups be erased!” 


feel it is important to bring the two genres of art under one roof. To allow the works to be seen next to each other. We consciously decided not to add the load of theme for the show. It is now up to the viewers to find if and how there are connections says Rahul Kumar, Curator of the show.


This exhibition will be very good as it has tribal art and also the art made in cities. Like J Swaminathan Sir's idea in Bharat Bhavan Museum in Bhopal says artist  Mayank Shyam.

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