Kathak Dancer Astha Dixit presented a dance based musical entitled “In Search of Love”

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A cultural evening hosted by Kathak Dancer Astha Dixit entitled “In search of Love”, a colorful dance based Musical that shows Love in its different Myriads. The chief guests for the evening were Padmashri and Renowned Kathak Maestro Shovana Narayan and Meera and Muzaffar Ali. Amidst the presence of eminent people and critics from the art and culture fraternity, we witnessed the mesmerizing performance of Astha Dixit and her group based on her journey and discoveries as a dancer and her intense work on Sufi poetries. The performance was a complete presentation of music and dance synced with beautiful expressions and gestural movements. 


The Sufi Musical was an attempt to show the pure meaning of Love through three short stories. The colorful dances were intertwined with elaborate sets and appealing characters that unravel these mysteries of Love. The dancers broke all boundaries by presenting high energy dance pieces that set new limits to the way Classical and Contemporary together are shown on stage.


The Courtesan is enraptured in a dream-filled idea of love which is left unfulfilled.  The Jogan seeks out the true meaning of love in the process loses herself. The Wanderlust Traveler is struck upon with the timeless discovery of the eternal moment which is ever love filled. The musical was all about the journey, from Old to New, Tradition to Contemporary, from Worldly Love to Divine Love. Based primarily in the Art form of Kathak, Astha Dixit and her ravishing dancers merged the lines of Tradition and Contemporary Dance.


The main direction and choreography was by Astha Dixit and contemporary choreography was by Shivam Chauhan, music composers Ahsan Ali and Amaan Ali struck a melodious and heart touching chord to make the production a complete masterpiece. 


The musical was composed around different phases of life which are beautifully described below:


The Palace courtesan, who is the jewel of the Palace and is in the eye of each person of the Palace, unfortunately, has a heartbreaking love life. She holds the King deep in her heart but she just cannot win his Love. After many attempts, she finally goes to her resting chamber and lights a lamp.


The Jogan wanders from place to place lost in search of Love. She goes back to the same doorways, the same alleys where she used to meet her beloved but this time her Beloved is not there. Instead, she meets a fakir Baba who she questions about the meaning of Love. He gives her a secret of Love in poetry. Confused by this poetry she keeps wandering only to come upon more and more mysteries. As her eyes open from the final mystery she sees a dream, in this dream, half-slaughtered victims of Love in Heavens Court are being tormented by a Fairy. To much her aghast she finally finds herself in the arms of this Fairy. When her eyes finally open from this she hears a voice from Above and she is no longer the same.


The Wanderlust Traveller  - As her eyes open from the final mystery, she is pure Spirit. She is totally one with Life. No this or that. Totally In Love with life.   Only this, this and this. Falling in love with life every moment. Open to soar. Open to fly. Totally open to the magic of Life.

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