Rachna Sharma hosts ‘Pursuit of Peace & Happiness’ to promote peace and happiness

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“Pursuit of Peace & Happiness” was hosted under the leadership of Mrs. Rachna Sharma Co-Chair of HAE India Forum, CEO Phuro Innovations and Alumnus of Harvard Business School; the event also brought into focus the benefits of the Re-organisation Bill and Superseding of Article 370 & 35A.


The host, Mrs. Rachna Sharma in her opening speech mentioned that It was a pleasure to share with the Dignitaries, Panellists & Audience the Data on Peace & Happiness. The research tells us that Violence has seen a steep decline since 1946 onwards; Now, This decline in violence can be attributed to multiple factors. Literacy & Education, Increased Trade, Social Movements & Governments. Governments hold individuals accountable for their actions e.g. in our country we call it the constitution of India. She discussed the constitution of India & the benefits of the re-organisation bill & supersession of #Article370 & #35A along with three factors that play vital role in the peace & violence dynamics; Political peace, Spiritual peace and Role of Media.


Bringing the focus onto the question “why India, the largest democracy which taught the world the value of non-violence and propagated peace by the science of meditation ranks as low as 141/169 on Global Peace Index and 140/155 on World Happiness Report”, she explained that it is an outcome of the past few centuries and it is rooted in our recent history. Low ranking is not because of the failure of our governments or the people of India, this ranking can be sourced out to the long-standing history of India which was invaded and looted off its heritage, tradition, and identity multiple times.


When the whole world is raising questions on this decision of #article370, she believes that we as the citizens of India are celebrating our union with our brothers & sisters of Jammu & Kashmir. This is the soul of India; we celebrate the sovereignty of our country in the testing times.


She further mentioned that a gathering of some accomplished men and women of our country can become a ray light for the further decline of violence in the country. These days, we are fortunate to have the data and reports like "Global Peace Index" and "World Happiness Report" compiled by "International Peace and Economics Institute" and supported by multi-lateral organizations like the United Nations, which can help in factually understanding the peace in India. With this understanding, we can create result-oriented solutions.


The event was presided over by H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, President of Parmarth Niketan Ashram Rishikesh who signified the importance of spiritual peace and said that more humanity touches the dimension of spirituality, more sense of freedom, individuality, and equality will prevail; all leading humanity to peace.


The event was also presided by Smt. Anupriya Patel; Hon’ble Member of Parliament, U.P., National President of Apna Dal Party, and Former Minister of State for H&FW, GOI, as the Guest of Honour. Sharing her views on Political Peace, she mentioned that sovereignty is a by-product of the political will of a nation. In these times of change, Political Peace will be a major force impacting the positive peace of our country.


Honorary Brigadier Padma Shri Dr. Arvind Lal, Chairman and Managing Director of Dr Lal Path Labs presided over as the Guest of Honour and shared his words of wisdom on the importance of accessible and affordable healthcare in determining peace in a country. Nepalese business tycoon Varun Chaudhary, Executive Director of CG Corp Global also presided over as Guest of Honour and shared his view on how the peace dynamics of a nation impacts its international trade & relations.


The panel “Benefits of The New Reorganization Bill & Superseding of Article 370 & 35A” comprised of Bina Ramani (Founder & CEO, Malabar Secrets), Rashi Dhir (Partner & E.D. of DMD Advocates, and Alumnu of Harvard Law School), Manoj Gorkela (Dy. Advocate General of Supreme Court of India, and Alumnus of University of Lucknow), Lt. Cdr. (Dr) Ashvini Jakhar (Founder & CEO of, and Alumnus of Indian School of Business), Manish Jain (Founder & Managing Partner of JLJ Law Offices, and Alumnus of Harvard Business School), Anshu Khanna (Owner, Goodword Media Services) Ajay Mago (Publisher, Om Books International) and Sakshi Vij (Founder & CEO of Myles, Co-Chair, HAE India Forum, and Alumnus of Harvard Business School). The panel discussed the peacekeeping efforts being undertaken by the government in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh which are being considered undemocratic & oppressive. The panel also deliberated the educational, economic, and cultural opportunities that await the region with this re-organisation.


The panel "Role of Media in Maintaining Peace in a Country" included Brajesh Kumar Singh (Group Consulting Editor, Network 18) and Ashok Venkatramani (Ex- MD of Zee Media, Start-up Entrepreneur, and Alumnus of Harvard Business School)


The event hosted at The Oberoi Hotel, Delhi in partnership with Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs India Forum, Goodword Media Services Pvt. Ltd, The Bespoke Purpose, and Malabar Secrets, Om Books International; had two panels comprising of corporate head honchos and influential media personalities.


The event was highly appreciated by the audience comprising of Ivy League Alumni, Corporate Leaders, Social Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Industry Leaders etc.

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