Ojas Art Gallery to present an exhibition that encapsulates living traditions in “Contemporary Art”

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Anubhav Nath, Gallery Director of Ojas Art is presenting an intricate art show of 60 artworks which will encapsulate the living traditions in contemporary art while taking a post shot at the paradoxes that India is often defined by. The exhibition titled “Paradox and Play: Living Traditions in Contemporary Art” will showcase art works made by three celebrated artists- Olivia Fraser, Santosh K Das and Tarshito, which will tend to build a bridge between tradition and modernity, the religious diversity amidst orthodoxies and a contemporary landscape populated by the relics of past centuries.


Curated by Katie Lazarowicz, the show is on till  22nd April 2018 at Ojas Art Gallery and will display expressions of folk art that will be coalesced with seamless sensibilities of the East and the West. Incorporating a diverse range of medium, the artworks at the exhibition will be composed of works on canvas, paper, digital prints among others. 


The exhibition will also showcase a special series of works by Tarshito on Delhi that are reminiscent of the city’s Connaught Place, the famous University of Delhi along with a detailed sketch of Sheesh Gumbad that boasts of the architectural legacy from the Mughal era. The sketches are made on handmade paper with rubber, inks, pencils, sealing wax and gold leaf and mounted on linen canvas. 


Each artist in the show tends to tease the boundaries of expressing art through their innovative integration of artistic process by creating visual spaces. Belonging to diverse religious, social and cultural backgrounds all the three artists seeks to create a dialogue with the living traditions in the society.


“Paradoxes invite us to ask questions. Hence, the show tends to answer these paradoxes which India is often defined by. The show is an amalgamation of traditions and modernity that serves as an important part of any society and the artists have explored these profoundly in their works,” says Anubhav Nath, Director, Ojas Art Gallery.


USIEF (United States India Educational Foundation) has partnered on the exhibition.  The exhibition is set to continue till April 4.

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