Nizami Bandhu’s Soul-Stirring Sufi Night at Dalmia House

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If you’ve ever rejoiced in the ethereal calm and meaningful rhythm and tunes of Sufi music, you probably already are enticed by the charm of this happening. Sanjay Dalmia, the renowned businessman and philanthropist hosted a Sufi Night at his residence, at Tees January Marg.


The celebration curated by Mr. Sanjay Dalmia moved to a blissful path of spirituality with the splendid performance of the famous, Nizami Bandhu (popularly known as Nizami Brothers), who performed some soulful rendition. The trio boasts of a 700-year-old musical lineage and known to have sung in Bollywood songs like “Kun Faya Kun” of Rockstar (2011), awe-inspired the listeners with a live performance of their melodious and melismatic compositions. 


Sufi, which reflects the basic oneness of all creation, is mostly found music lovers who appreciate the finer nuances of the art, in its most unadulterated form. To these connoisseurs of authentic music, Sufi is beyond all man-made divides of class, caste, religion, race, language or nationality and creates a pristine connection to the heavenly abode.


“This Sufi night is a journey towards Peace, Harmony, and Universal Brotherhood. However more than anything else, it connects all those who believe in the power of unconditional love, total surrender of ego and unity of all,” said Mr. Dalmia

 Few of the renowned personalities of the capital, as well as people from Mr. Sanjay Dalmia’s close circle, were seen enjoying music including Shahnawaz Hussain, Jai Madaan, Saif Mahmood, Vidya Shah, Ajay Mago, Madhu Jain, Charu and Anupam Parashar, Mannu Mansheet, Manavi Rai, Alka Rani Singh of Pratapgarh, Piya Bajwa to name a few. Attendees were served authentic and scrumptious Marwari food, along with the devotional soul-stirring qawwali 


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