6 easy ways to beat the heat fatigue and feel energised

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This summer, the heat has really been unbearable causing fatigue and a hindrance in delivering our best. It appears as though Summer is here to stay for a while and we have listed 6 easy ways to beat the heat with superfoods. It is a myth that superfoods are only exotic international fruits, vegetables and grains which are grown miles away from India. These are easily available, nutrient dense foods and locally grown which have helped us ever since evolution. So instead of staying cooped up in air-conditioned homes and offices 24/7, you need to step out and be one with Nature. Summer times are a good way to sweat, detox, get some required sun and have some fun. F for that you need to be well equipped ninja style with easily available, cooling hydrating nourishing foods.


1) Coconut water – the most sort after superfood internationally, but easily available in India. Naturally equipped with electrolytes, it balances your ph levels, keeps your body and head cool with hydration. Avoid packaged coconut milk.


2) Cucumbers- an easily available snack to have mid-morning, before lunch or as a 4 pm snack. Kids could have cucumbers once they get home with some lemon and rock salt. High in water content, it balances the fluids in the muscles to avoid those unbearable cramps during sultry summery nights.


3) Water- make drinking water a habit as soon as you wake up, before stepping out for work and do carry a minimum 1 litre of water for during and post workouts. Adding a few mint leaves makes it interesting. Air conditioners cause dehydration, so it becomes crucial to monitor your water intake.


4) All Summer fruits - watermelon, jamun, lychee, mango, tadgola are all for obvious reasons summer fruits. They have a cooling effect on our digestive systems keeping the body alkaline, cool and hydrated. All of them contain more than 80% water (with watermelon being 90% water) keeps our immune system strong and adaptive to the summer heat.


5) In-house sports drink for active kids and parents- packaged sports drinks are very high in sugar and other chemicals to extend its shelf life and expensive too. Junk the plastic packaging. Instead make your own sports drink at home packing in the required sodium and electrolytes. Mix – lemon juice + jaggery + pink salt + water + crushed ice + juice of 1orange.


6) Butter milk- great thirst quencher, easily available and easy to make even at work. Add crushed mint and cumin powder to up the taste quotient. Make sure the curd is fresh and not sour.


These superfoods are not expensive or sourced from miles away. S simple, easily available yet effective, these are what our ancestors grew up eating. To feel energetic and battle fatigue. So get set and action these 6 super tips to ensure you are protected from the unforgiving summer heat wave of this year.


-Contributed by: Payal Kothari, Integrative Nutritionist, Life Coach and NLP Expert.


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