Summer of Love: How couples are forming sizzling chemistries this summer season

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Summer is in its full swing and it is time to go out, wander and discover new places, attend summer festivals and fall in love. That is what the couples are up to this season. The hot weather is bothersome but not when you have someone to do cool things with such as going to the beach, a music concert or a film festival. It is time to put on your hot pants, T-shirt, take out your sunglasses, get your diving boards out because this season is full of waves of love and would you not like to ride them? 


QuackQuack, India's most downloaded dating app gives you insights on how couples are planning to spend their summer together so make sure to check them out:

1.  Attending a virtual film festival : Summer is the time a lot of film festivals spring up. Watching a film online at home with your partner every day (or night) from the list of films featured in a festival is a great way to spend your holiday season! If you both are movie buffs and love munching on some popcorn while cuddling with your partner, this is the perfect summer season activity for you two. Plus, you will not have to leave your couch! 40% of male QuackQuack users said that this is how they plan to spend this season of summer with their partner while 34% of female QuackQuack users said that they would rather go to the city hosting the festival to watch it.


2.    Adventure sporting: If you think travelling the old-fashioned way is passe then check this one out. Couples are now encouraging each other to do the extreme. Riding a bike or skydiving together is something that you must try out as a couple if you want to reignite that dwindling spark in the relationship. 25% of female QuackQuack users in the age group of 28-33 and 20% of male users in the same age group agreed that hiking, riding a bike in a mountainous terrain, and skydiving are some of the sports that they would like to try out with their partner this summer.


3.   Learning music: One of the most appreciated art forms is now doubling as a favourite of couples this season. If you would not like to leave the comfort of your home in this melting heat and are looking for something that is easy on your pocket then you can learn music together! 33% of QuackQuack couples in the age group of 28-38 are looking forward to either hiring a private tutor or joining music classes this season. If you think you understand melody and that your partner is not half-bad too, it is time to learn an instrument! 


4.   Travelling: This one you might have guessed. Almost 45% of male and female QuackQuack user in the age group of 22-35 are planning to spend their summer travelling together. Do you want to know their favourite holiday destinations? Shimla, Coorg, Mount Abu and Jammu. Not only are these places cooler in summer but they are well-known for being romantic. Moreover, the waterfalls and the low temperatures are bound to bring you and your partner closer. 


5.  Gardening: Whether you are a nature-lover or not, planting trees is always good. One of the most calming ways to connect with your partner is to plant seeds and do some gardening with them this summer. 27% of male and female QuackQuack users admit that they are going to take up on this activity with their partner this summer. Not only will you get to know each other better as a couple when you decide to sow and look after a plant but this will prove to be beneficial in future. Sowing the seeds of a fruit or a vegetable that you consume on a daily basis is a great investment.


6.  Making ice lollies together: An easy but fun activity to do as a couple this summer where both of you can spend some time together in the kitchen and have something sweet to eat at the end! Almost 23% of male QuackQuack users said that they intend to make different Indian ice-creams this summer with their partner and hone their skills while doing it. Whereas 25% of female QuackQuack users admit wanting to do it differently. For example, with a bit of alcohol or fresh fruits.

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