Alcon launches FreshLook Colour Contact Lenses

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Your eyes are first thing people notice about you, and Alcon’s FreshLook colour contact lenses give your face an instant lift.  Contact lenses are the latest fashion fun accessory to let a woman express herself in a myriad ways.  Just pop in a colour of these colour lenses and enliven any outfit by changing your eye colour to blue, grey, green, pure hazel, amethyst, turquoise or sparkling brown. Of course it helps when the lenses are from a trusted brand, such as Freshlook. One of the largest seller of colour contact lenses globally, come from the eye-care giant Alcon, at the forefront of vision-aiding innovation.


The brand offers you a wide palette of refreshing colors. The colour- blend technology ensures that whatever colour you choose the effect will be elegant and enchanting. So while you up your glamour quotient, you can be assured that you are wearing the safest product and the latest in innovation. Freshlook lenses are also the next frontier of accessorizing, transforming any look with the blink of an eye. Cool, striking eye colours, such as Violet can offset the brighter colours and embellishments of wedding couture. And also throw in a nice, Avant garde twist. Not to mention, this is a creative translation of colour blocking.


FreshLook presents its first ever Spring-Summer Fashion Look Book that gives you an insight on all the latest trends and fashion that can be styled with various FreshLook color contact lenses!Now get the casual Look with Honey lenses, the party look with green lenses, the date look with brilliant blue lenses and the Wedding look with Violet lenses.

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